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Top 5 best beaches in South Kefalonia

There are more than 250 beaches in Kefalonia. Travelers come from near and far to experience the beauty of the best beaches in Greece. With so many beaches to choose from, one might wonder what is the best beach in Kefalonia? While Myrthos Beach is one of the most obvious answers to that question, this list of breathtaking beaches looks beyond and focuses on the most iconic beaches in South Kefalonia.

Even if we only consider beaches located in the south of Kefalonia, it is still a very tough selection to make since all beaches have a charm of their own. These beaches are our personal favorites and just a short car ride away from the cozy apartments for rent in our beloved Stefanos Home. For dramatic purposes, we begin with the fifth-best beach and work our way up to the top.

#5 Katelios Beach

We had to put this one on the list. Just a stone's throw away from Stefanos Home, Katelios Beach (also known as Barbara Beach) is our go-to place for a refreshing daily dip in the Ionian Sea. The shallow water and soft sand make it a perfect beach for families with kids.

#4 Skala Beach

Skala beach is probably the most commercial beach on our list. It's located in the idyllic village of Skala and stretches along the coastal road. There are plenty of sunbeds to choose from and the little beach cafes or hip beach bars can provide you with cool drinks. If you prefer a quieter experience, go explore the south end of the beach to find a spot between the rocks. The amber pebbles combined with the crystal clear Ionian Sea create a truly unique atmosphere that will make you never want to leave this magnificent place.

#3 Kaminia Beach

Kamninia beach has a real holiday feel to it. Umbrellas and sunbeds can be rented for a couple of euros a day. The beach is lined with some laid-back bars inviting you to enjoy some drinks and food. This is the kind of beach where you want to spend a relaxing day to forget about everything else around you. The most unique feature of Kaminia beach is the loggerhead sea turtles. In the summer month, Kaminia beach becomes a nesting ground for these wonderful creatures. Marine biologists look after them and make sure their nests are signposted. As the sandy beach stretches almost 2km along the coastline, you shouldn't have trouble finding a place and not bother the nesting grounds.

#2 Kako Lagadi Beach

A hidden gem south of Poros. Kako Lagadi Beach is only for adventurous explorers. This little bay is not easily accessible and you will need to climb down the rocks to reach this little remote paradise. The beach is quite small and creates a very intimate feel with the emerald blue sea. The cliffs left and right make it a perfect destination for snorkeling and a superb hideaway for the ones longing for a relaxing beach adventure.

#1 Lefka Beach

Lefka Beach is our absolute number one. Like all good beaches, this one makes you work a little before you get to enjoy the full beauty of this magnificent beach. You can park your car on the opposite side of the EKO gas station and commence the walk down to Lefka Beach. It will take you a good 30min to get there. The trail is fairly easy to find and follow. For the steeper parts, locals have attached ropes to the rocks to give you a better grip. The stunning views from the trial build up the excitement and you will long for a cooling bath in the emerald blue water once you arrive.

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