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Lefka Beach Kefalonia

Greece has 227 islands.

If you are looking for one island with it all, it's Kefalonia.

New York Times

One island, boundless experiences.

Kefalonia invites guests to live their every day to the fullest. Draws include hills perfect for hiking; tiny, secret pebble beaches around the perimeter; unnerving cliffs leading to electric neon blue beaches like Myrtos Beach and storybook towns like Assos. Explore the unexplored on a tour with your family and friends, discover the beauties hidden below the seabed, swim and dive into the azure of the sea and elevate your spirit with cultural heritage, leisure activities and sports. 

Welcome to Kateleios:
A land blessed by nature and abundance of the sea 

Encircled by the verdant landscape and the cobalt blue of the sea, the village of Kateleios is 32 km far away from the hustle and bustle of the capital Argostoli, known for its unique seafood culinary pleasures. Three decades ago, only fishermen lived here in their cottages and huts. While it gradually became a holiday destination for nature lovers and those seeking Mediterranean flavours, it stayed authentic to its fishing village character.

Kato Katelios by the sea
Kaminia Beach

Timeless, welcoming and familiar

Kateleios is the ideal choice for couples, friends and families alike seeking a quiet holiday realm in the enchanting region of Elios Pronon in Southeast Kefalonia, as well as the perfect starting point for island excursions.


From the village coastline with shops and traditional taverns to the small harbour lined with fishing boats, the whole atmosphere is genuine, serene and captivating. Walking barefoot along the coastline, you will find the Santa Barbara beach, giving locals, guests and adventurous windsurfers the feeling of an endless Greek summer spirit in the most nonchalant way. Just  a bit further lies Kaminia beach, stretched out, sandy, well organized, with sun loungers and umbrellas in a spacious layout and the Caretta-Caretta turtles laying their eggs.

Katelios Beach

Explore your surroundings

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