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Breakfast with a view

with a view

Start the day with a full stomach and a stunning view across the valley. Upon request Dionysia can prepare a large breakfast and spoil you with local delicatesses such as freshly pressed orange juice, eggs from free-range chickens and a wide variety of homemade jams. 

Omelet with tomtatoes and olives

Enjoy locally grown food

Stefanos Home is a paradise for food lovers.  The majority of food that is cooked here is coming from the own fields and backyard. Whereas you will find more than 20 different fruit trees in the garden surrounding  the house, Stefanos also cultivates a wide variety of vegetables on his field nurtured by the rich soil of Kateleios and the warm Kefalonia sun .

Stefanos on the family fields

Vineyard at the foot of Mount Ainos

350m above sea level lies the Menegatos family vineyard where Stefanos cultivates a variety of different grapes. Among others also a rare white Greek wine grape variety called Robola which is almost exclusively grown on Kefalonia.  The high altitude and rich limestone soil at foot of Mount Ainos allow the grape to develop an exceptional character while maintaining its crisp acidity.

Grape wine field
Olive tree

The green gold

Olive oil is the fuel and life elixir that keeps the Kefalonian lifestyle running. The Menegatos produce their own olive oil from more than 250 family owned olive trees with

the oldest tree dating back to the 18th century. This exclusive family reserve is available to buy for our guests so you can bring home with you a taste of Kefalonia.

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