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The red ribbon walk to Kaminia Beach

Updated: Jun 6, 2021

When you are spending the day at Santa Barbara Beach in Kateleios, don't miss out on this scenic red ribbon walk to Kaminia Beach. The two beautiful Kefalonian beaches are connected through a small path that stretches about 800m along the rocky coastline. It's easily accessible and suitable for anyone who enjoys walking.

You can enter the path at the east end of Santa Barbara beach. While the walk starts with a moderate incline, it's rather level with only a couple of bigger steps here and there.

The local community gathers every year to hold back the vegetation from overgrowing the path. While it's impossible to get lost here, the locals have sign posted the way with little red ribbons.

The path follows the rocky coastline and rewards its visitors with stunning views of the Ioanian Sea.

The rocks below the path offer the curious explorers natural Kefalonian sea salt. Over the years the wind, water and waves have carved out little ponds in these rocks. When the hot sun shines mercilessly, the sea water in these ponds eventually evaporates and leaves behind sea salt.

Towards the end, the path lowers down to sea level again and you will catch the first glimpse of Kaminia beach. Continue over the rocks and enjoy a quick bath in the crystal clear water.

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