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Hiking from Antisamos to Spilitsa Beach

Updated: Jul 10, 2021

This beautiful hike takes you from Antisamos Beach through the tree-covered mountains along the coast to Spilitsa Beach. The Trail covers 700m in elevation and is of moderate difficulty. The round trip is 10km long and will take you 4 hours without breaks. You definitely want to plan in some extra time to enjoy a swim in the crystal clear water of Spilitsa Beach.

Although there is plenty of shade on the trail, we recommend starting early to avoid hiking under the boiling hot sun. Needless to say, bring enough water to stay hydrated. There is a huge parking at Antisamos where you can leave your car and start the hike. Walk along the beach towards the east end and follow the small gravel road leading up the hill.

While you progress up the gravel road, take some deep breaths to smell the lovely scent of mountain herbs mixed with the earthy aroma of the cold soil. Before you know it, the gravel road has dissolved into a small path bordered by vigorous vegetation.

The incline will increase steadily now and start to challenge you more and more. Every now and then the vegetation makes room for a short picturesque glimpse of Antisamos bay.

A good half an hour into the hike you will reach a clearing at the summit of the first mountain. The local hiking community has erected a stone memorial here to honor a recently deceased hiking friend. May his soul rest in piece.

The trail takes a sharp turn here but don't worry about losing your way. The trail is frequently sign posted with blue and white stripes (inspired by the Greek flag). Either painted on rocks or attached to trees. Shout out to the team of Hiking Trails Kefalonia for making it possible. The blue and white marks will lead you all the way to Koutsoupia Beach - but we will have to leave the trail early to reach Spilitsa Beach instead.

Push just a little further and you will be rewarded with a stunning view of the Ionian Sea and the neighboring island of Ithaka.

This is arguably the most enjoyable part of the hike. Mostly level, the path follows the coastline high above the sea allowing you to take in all the beauty that this hiking trail has to offer.

While at times the vegetation is shielding you from the hot sun, behind every other corner you will find an opening in the trees, revealing yet another stunning view of the impressive Kefalonian nature.

The trail slowly leads you down to lower altitudes and not long before it's time to leave the blue and white trail. You will know when the time has come once the trail does not allow you to continue straight anymore. A big rocky roadblock with three olive trees at its top force you to take a new direction. Turn left to descend down to Spilitsa Beach.

No more signs to lead the way from now on. Just walk along the dried river bed downhill as long as you can. The slope is sparsely covered by trees and gives you slightly better visibility where to walk next.

Trust your feeling and make sure to continue downhill. After some more minutes of hiking, you will slowly see the emerald blue Ionian Sea appear between the leaves.

At last, you will reach Spilitsa Beach. A destination certainly worth the hike. Time to relax and enjoy the stunning beauty of Kefalonia.

Put on your swimming suit and take a well-deserved bath in crystal clear water.

If there is one thing to complain about this hike, it's probably the fact that you will have to hike back the same way you came but let's worry about that later.

We tracked our hike on Relive. Go check out the video. Leave a comment and tell us about your experience. We are curious to here your story.

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