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Harvesting sea salt on Kefalonia

Kefalonian life has always been defined by the Ionian Sea. It's a place that allows the mind to wander and dream. Driving through the coastal roads of Kefalonia, the emerald blue water is omnipresent and the eyes are automatically drawn to the seemingly endless beauty. Its abundance of fish has provided food for generations and drove the island's economic growth. There is more to it than meets the eye. Sea salt is the white gold that lies within.

Natural sea salt can be found in various locations around the island. Not far from Stefanos Home apartments, east of Katelios Beach, nature has formed the perfect conditions for sea salt to be harvested. You will need to climb over the rocks on the shore to reach the natural Katelios salt deposits.

Small shallow ponds in the rocks gather the salty water of the Ionian Sea. The sun evaporates the water and leaves behind raw salt deposits. The salt crystal can easily be scraped off with bare hands or take a spoon if you like. A unique souvenir and little piece of Kefalonia to bring home from your holidays.

The locals from surrounding villages often come here to harvest their own sea salt. Any Greek dish benefits from a pinch of natural sea salt from the Ionian Sea. Unlike normal table salt which usually loses lots of its minerals when being processed, sea salt remains rich in mineral content adding that little bit of extra flavor to your dish.

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